This is a simple list of some of the activities I have been engaged in over the last three and a half years. I am using my experiences, and the important lessons learned, to consult, advise and educate as many people as I am able to reach; addressing senior managers from a variety of industries, policy makers, academics, sixth formers and university students.

My objective is to ensure that my society, and especially business, designs, operates and monitors systems which encourage behaviours that help us all meet our social contracts. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to have a conversation about what we can do together.

DateLocationTypeNotesResource Link
September 20, 2015Sucden Financial London and South EastMarket Abuse Training - Sucden Financial Workshops4 full day workshops with the traders, salespeople,executives, risk managers and compliance at Sucden Financial. Focus was helping to guide positive behaviours within the FCA Market Abuse regime. My contribution was to help in the debate bringing compliance frameworks into real life cases studies and then help the traders build an emotional bond with the lessons learned. In between days full for prep work and reflection with Paul Whitaker. Sessions were powerful and well received by Sucden. See testimonial document.
November 30, 2015Camden School for Girls, LondonLife Choices in a Future Without Certainty - Lecture/Q&A - Camden School for GirlsTalk to the Sixth Formers at Camden School for Girls. A great reminder of what it means to be full of hope, idealism and expectation. To meet so many young adults asking such deep and powerful questions of their world reminded me the importance of helping our young learn from my expeirences. The world needs to hear what our young people think and help them understand their value in helping us resolve our current and future challenges.
April 13, 2016International Compliane Association Annual Conference, LondonKeynote Fireside Talk/Q&A - ICA ConferenceKeynote Speech at the International Compliance Association. Lessons from the frontline with guidance for the delegatges on how to protect their institutions from cultural and systemic failure.
June 2, 2016Sainsbury's Bank, EdinburghLecture/Q&A - Sainsbury's Bank Risk Away DayConversation with the Sainsbury's Bank Risk Teams to help them consider how to understand how nobody is immune from the challenges of risk culture failures in everyday business but specifically in times of stress or change. Key lesson is to focus on rich risk conversations between risk takers and controllers.
August 25, 2016NHK TV, Filmed in EdinburghTV Interview - NHK Japanese TVInterview for 3 part NHK TV Programme: "The Money World; the Future of Finance"
September 6, 2016Sky Arts TV, Filmed at St Pauls in LondonTV Interview - Sky Arts TVWilliam Hogarth South Sea Bubble - Parallels and Lessons for Today
September 7, 2016BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place, LondonTV Interview - BBC Hard TalkInterview about banking practices, pressure to make profits, have bank bosses done enough to change their companies’ cultures, what I can teach fellow bankers, my future. BBCHard Talk
September 22, 2016Edinburgh University Business School, EdinburghLecture/Q&A - Edinburgh UniversityA Cautionary Tale - Edinburgh University Lecture - Advice and guidance for the new intake of MSc Business and Finance students. Gave an insight into my career and the lessons learned in the 15 years since I began work as an intern and after the tragic events of 2011. I tried to help inspire them to understand their future value to the institutions of which they will undoubtedly be future elite members and how to avoid the outcomes we faced at UBS.
October 12, 2016We are Social, LondonLecture/Q&A - We Are Social Lunch and Learn SessionTalk with "We Are Social" - a young social media/marketing company about my plans for contributing to cultural and systemic change in the finance industry and drawing parallel lessons to culture and systems in marketing and tech industries.
October 13, 2016London Fraud Forum Conference, One Great George Street, LondonKeynote Speech and Q&A - London Fraud ForumThe London Fraud Forum was setup to promote change and forge on open anti-fraud culture in our society. At this 10th anniversary conference, as keynote speaker, I was asked to speak from my experience and use the platform to begin to discuss the real cultural and systemic change required to reduce the risk of cultural and systemic institutional change in our critical institutions and society. Policy/practice gap central to this conversation.
October 17, 2016Gulf One Investment Bank / PRMIA / Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance, Manama, BahrainSpecial Skype Lecture/Q&A - DubaiA talk to address the question of whether as an industry, regulators, governments and individuals can afford not to take valuable lessons from events such as the one leading to the 2011 UBS Loss. The message I was asked to deliver is that our actions (and inactions) define organisational cultures for which we must all be accountable whilst also providing the tools that will help everyone understand how to contribute to positive cultural and systemic change in their societies and institutions.
October 20, 2016CFA London Charter, America Square Conference Centre, LondonFireside Talk/Q&A - CFA LondonA focus on the importance of critical thinking, dealing with blame culture, industrial learning systems and how to make personal and institutional changes that will allow the space that everyone requires to avoid compromising their personal ethical values. Fireside Talk - CFA London
October 31, 2016CFA Edinburgh Charter in Conjunction with The Library of Mistakes, EdinburghFireside Talk/Q&A - CFA EdinburghA focus on the importance of critical thinking, dealing with blame culture, industrial learning systems and how to make personal and institutional changes that will allow the space that everyone requires to avoid compromising their personal ethical values. Fireside Talk - CFA Edinburgh
November 15, 2016Financial Times Global Banking Summit, Four Seasons Hotel, Park Lane, LondonSpeakers' Dinner - FT Global Banking SummitDinner and Conversation about the Impacts of Risk and Brexit FT Global Banking Summit
November 16, 2016Financial Times Global Banking Summit, Four Seasons Hotel, Park Lane, LondonLecture/Q&A - FT Global Banking ConferenceKeynote speech from my perspective on the
banking industry - where it's gone astray, where it's going in the
right direction - set against my personal story with tools for cultural and systemic change
FT Global Banking Conference
November 17, 2016Queens University Belfast, Northern IrelandSpecial, Lecture, Q&A and Panel Discussion - FinTruFinancial Crime and Industrial Culture seminar for the employees of FinTru Financial Services/Students at Queens Univeristy Belfast Queens Uni Belfast - FinTru
November 19, 2016CapitOx Conference, Oxford Studients Union, OxfordLecture/Q&A - Oxford Union Capitox ConferenceA focus on the future of finance and the cultural changes required and opportunities to rebuild after the failures of the past Oxford UnionOxford Union - Capitox Conference
December 7, 2016Sainsburys Bank, EdinburghLecture/Q&A - Sainsbury's Bank Senior Leadership GroupA follow up talk to the risk management teams focussing on lessons for risk takers and senior leadership.
December 8, 2016Edinburgh University Business School, EdinburghPublic Lecture/Q&AAn incredible conversation with Joris Luyendijk. Culture in the industry from the point of view of an anthropologist outsider and an insider. Uni - Public Lecture
March 1, 2017Liverpool John Moores University, LiverpoolLecture/Q&A - Liverpool John Moores UniversityLiverpool Racquet Club Talk - Risk, Culture, Systems and the Law Liverpool John Moores - Lecture
March 2, 2017Liverpool John Moores University, LiverpoolLecture/Q&A - Liverpool John Moores University2 Hour Lecture to Regulatory Risk MSc/Undegrad StudentsLiverpool John Moores - Lecture
January 12, 2017Financial Times 125 Forum, Dunster Hall, LondonFireside Talk/Q&A - FT125 GroupA consideration of the lessons to be learned from the UBS lossFireside Talk - FT125
January 24, 2017Edinburgh University Economics Society, EdinburghLecture/Q&A - Edinburgh EconSocPreparing for a future in corporate enterprise
February 8, 2017Yorkshire and Humber Fraud Forum, LeedsSpecial Master Class/Q&A - Yorkshire and Humber Fraud Foundation / Addleshaw Goddard2 Hour Master Class on Culture and Systens in the Finance Industry and the risk of failure
February 9, 2017Ackworth School Sixth Form SpecialLecture/Q&ALet your life speak! Life choices in a future without certainty… this was possibly the most moving and empowering moment of this entire 15 year journey. It was an honour to be welcomed back to my school and to have a chance to inspire the sizth formers. It was like coming home for the first time in 15 years.Ackworth School - Lecture
February 15, 2017Stirling University Business School, StirlingLecture/Q&A - Sterling University TalkSterling Universtiy Lecture to MSc studentsStilring Uni - Lecture
March 21, 2017ACFE 2017 Europe Conference, LondonLecture/Q&A - ACFE ConferenceRisk, Culture and Systems Failure
March 22, 2017Cambridge / Welcome GenomeMaster Class/Q&A - Forward Institute ResidentialWith Margaret Heffernan. 2 Hour Session on Culture, Systems and Failure and how to create the freedom to innovate whilst empowering your people to understand risk and self control. My job in this special session with Forward Institute Delegates was to help them understand how easily any of them could end up in the same position we did at UBS.Cambridge / Welcome Genome
March 28, 2017Fraud Advisory Panel, ICAEW LondonBreakfast Briefing/Q&APanel discussion with Rachel Sexton (EY), John Mongelard (ICAEW), David Clarke (FAP).. On the true drivers of increasing frequency of cultural and systemic failure and how to reverse this trend by addressing those drivers at a cultural and systemic level. This conversation led to an incredibly powerful collaboration and ultimately the July 2017 production by FAP: "Business Behaving Badly"
April 21, 2017MBTN, LondonMBTN Lecture/Q&A and NetworkingOrganised by Adabara Abdulahi - ACS/West African Networking Session - Culture, Systems and the Social Contract
April 26, 2017Quintus Supper Club, LondonQuintus Lecture/Q&AEvening dinner and talk - Culture, Systems and our Society
June 15, 2017RSM, BirminghamEBM (Effective Board Member) Training CourseExecutive Course for the EBM Program with Karl George
October 26, 2017Effective Board Member Book Launch, Hyatt Regency, BirminghamEBM Book Launch EventHelped to launch this book for which I wrote a testimonial.
October 28, 2017Liverpool John Moores University, LiverpoolLecture/Panel Discussion/Q&A - Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation ConferenceTimeliness and timelessness - corporate governance and regulatory challenges after the financial crisis of 2007 - 2009 and Brexit. It was a truly incredible conference bringing together some leading academics to discuss new thinking on legal, regulatory and corporate governance issues Liverpool John Moores - Lecture
October 9, 2017Edinburgh UniversityLecture/Q&AEthics and Guidance in the Corporate World - A Lecture to this years MSc Class.
November 15, 2017Essex University, ColchesterLecture/Q&AThink! Seminar Series at Essex University with Matt LoderEssex Uni - Lecture
December 5, 2017RiskMinds International Global Conference, Amsterdam, HollandLecture/Panel Discussion/Q&A - Risk and Financial Regulation ConferenceThe world’s largest risk management event bringing together 650 leading academics, CROs, regulators academics and risk experts from around the world. Other keynote speakers at this years conference will include: Howard Davies, Chairman of RBS; Baroness Eliza Manningham-Buller, former Head of MI5; Andrew Gracie, Executive Director for Resolution at the Bank of England; and Guy Verhofstadt, Brexit Negotiator for the European Parliament.RiskMinds - Lecture
December 12, 2017Exeter University, ExeterLecture/Q&A (With Lindsay Fortado, FT)Ethics and Corporate Governance
January 29, 2018CSFI Round Table DiscussionLecture/Panel Discussion/Q&AConduct in wholesale markets: A round-table discussion with Kweku Adoboli, Gerry Harvey (FMSB), Stefan Stern (High Pay Centre) and Simon Webley (IBE). Have regulators done enough to avert another financial crisis and where should we be placing our focus if we wish to be prepared, avert and recover from the next crisis.
February 02, 2018Browne Jacobson Lecture and Panel DiscussionLecture/Panel Discussion/Q&AKeynote and panel discussion culture and systems in large financial institutions. What do we change, where do we focus, how do we bring our focus to people and change systems to allow them to achieve more purposeful outcomes and and meet the social contract.
February 03, 2018Edinburgh UniversityConference Speech / Panel DiscussionScottish Universities Economics Conference... Theme was "a brave new world". Other speakers included: Mark Carney, Chariman of BoE;  Martin Weale, CBE, previously member of BoE Monetary Policy Committee and Director of the National Institute of Economic and Social ResearchA brave new world
March 05, 2018Gresham/Cognizant Panel DiscussionLecture/Panel Discussion/Q&ACity focussed panel discussion. Other keynote speakers included Simon Haggerty (former global head of securities operations for UBS IB).
April 26, 2018Forward Institute/Welcome Genome CampusResidential/Seminar/Round Table DiscussionsFull two day residential with Forward Institute Fellows Full Residential
May 31, 2018"Dare to Do" - Play and DiscussionLecture/Panel Discussion/Q&APost play Q&A to discuss cultural relevance of required within the finance, criminal justice and immigration legal worlds.
June 06, 2018Forward Institute Wiston House ResidentialThree day residential / In depth problem solving and discussionsThree day residential with current and former Forward Institute Fellowes and Faculty. Discussion focus was Brexit / Social Order / Failure of Carrillion / PFI / Guerilla Methods for Achieving Impossible Goals
June 13, 2018RGL Morning SeminarLecture/Panel Discussion/Q&AKeynote and panel discussion culture and systems in large financial institutions. What do we change, where do we focus, how do we bring our focus to people and change systems to allow them to achieve more purposeful outcomes and and meet the social contract.
June 21, 2018IIA Midlands BirminghamLecture/Panel Discussion/Q&ACorporate governance and risk. Focus was local housing association executive members and auditors. Post Grenfell this was a high priority event focussing on how to mitigate risk and recognise failures in feedback loops that result in uncontrolled risk increase and catastrophic systems failure.
September 7, 2018Barclays UK ELT / Hyde ParkFull day leadership seminar test event with new Forward Institute structureA full day leadership seminar led by me and senior Barclays leadership group. Audience was the full senior leadership team at Barclays UK. With over 80 Senior Leaders and fast rising talent.
August 28, 2018 SAS / UK Special Forces Counterterrorism Unit / Herefordshire3 Day leadership programme. Annual Officer Development Course. Focus was risk taking in the gray zone, diversity recruitment, reaching the next generation of UK Army considering cultural changes, and learning from failure.
August 31, 2018BBC Radio Scotland / LivingstonTV and Radio Interview1 hour interview with Douglas Fraser BBC ScotlandBBC Scotland