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Kweku Adoboli left Ghana at the age of 4. He came to the UK aged 12. This has been his only home for 26 years. Having been made an example of after a large trading loss to his bank in 2011, he now faces deportation to a country he left as a little boy. Despite a court injunction against his removal pending a Judicial Review into the Public Interest benefit of his deportation, he is currently being held at Harmondsworth Detention Centre; imprisoned for being born in a different country.

I the undersigned, join a cross party group of 138 MPs and SMPs, and 74,000 members of the public, to demand that Home Secretary Sajid Javid reverse the decision to deport Kweku. The public interest represented by the finance industry will absolutely benefit from Kweku being allowed to remain in the UK. From an economics and financial stability perspective, it is absolutely critical that Kweku be allowed to continue the work he has been doing over the last 3 years. He must not be deported.

For guidance on the kind of work Kweku has been doing, please consider this declaration of support from the Forward Institute:

Or have a look at the Activities page for a list of engagements Kweku’s done to date.

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